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Starting on the engine while the body is out of the shop. Universal VW case. Basic clean-up on the castings and coated with VHT ceramic paint. Chromoly case studs and a CB full flow oil pump.
Stock heater boxes and a single quite pack. Just back from the powdercoater. They'll be seeing a lot of me.
Ported and polished heads. TRW valves. New valve guides and a 3 angle valve job. Single high rev springs with chromoly retainers.
Mocking up the engine. I polished the generator stand and welded in the breather port on the billet filler neck. Kobelschmidt pistons and cylinders. Engle 100 cam. Stock crank and rods. Everything balanced for a smooth running engine.
This is the first time I've used these EMPI push rod tubes. Hope they don't leak.....
Just about done. Waiting for the tin to come back from powdercoat. I decided on basic black. Should be a good reliable 1641 engine. I think I'll run 40 dellortos and match port the intakes.


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