'68 Double Cab Resto/Custom
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Here it is. One owner before me. Ordered in 1967, delivered in 1968. 20 plus years as a farm/family truck.
It was substantially complete when I bought it. Pretty well maintained, but beat up from daily use.
The floors were very solid. This is how they looked after I started to strip out the interior. Dealer installed seatbelts are a nice touch. I plan on restoring those soon.
Lots of dust, dirt, and broken glass(thanks to some vandals that decided to smash all the windows out.) The dash is untouched, with only a few cracks.
This truck came with rear pop-outs on both sides. Side safaris would be cool. I may try to fabricate some and add them to our products list.
Here's a collection of TIII and TII parts. I used the back of the DC for storage for too many years. It really deserves better than this doesn't it???? So the work begins!!!!!!!


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